Friday, August 5, 2011

Exciting Possibilities

I have owned my new digital HD video camera for almost two years (Thanksgiving...early Christmas present 2009).  Ellie held a Summer American Girls Club at our house over this summer, and one of their projects was a film of the Kirsten play:  Home Is Where The Heart Is.  One on Ellie's friends was supposed to bring her video camera for filming, but happened to be on vacation both weeks that the girls filmed.

So, I volunteered my video camera.  First I wanted to make sure I could put the videos on a dvd.  I had tried to do this multiple times.  When I went to try last month, I had an upgrade waiting for my software.  Well, I don't know how much actually changed, but since the upgrade, I've been able to figure out how to archive my videos on a dvd and how to string the videos together to make a dvd that we can watch on a dvd player!  Hurrah!  That was my goal from asking for the video camera for Christmas that year; I wanted to be able to put our home videos directly on a dvd.

Anyway, I am really excited!  There are so many possibilities with a video camera that I'm finally figuring out how to use.  The camera is so small, I could take it in my purse anytime.  I could make video blog posts (I could be a vlogger!).  I could record some of my "dittys" like Carol Barnier suggested and share them with you all.  There are so many things I could share!

P.S.-Just realized how much my daughter and I are alike... she calls her Nintendo DS "new" after seven months and I still call my video camera new after two years!