Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best Things About My Birthday

1.  God gave me another day on earth with my family and friends, good health, home, work, food, sunshine, and lovely fall weather.
2.  Cards, calls, and facebook messages wishing my a happy day.  I love an excuse to catch up with people and touch base.
3.  First Day of Homeschool Co-op this year, and my first time teaching a class in over a year (I was permanent substitute last year)... and I got told by many students that my class was their favorite!
4.  Cute new skirt from the thrift store (that my son told me I should buy for myself) and cool picture my son took of me.
5.  Date with my hubby to Planet Sub (which has special newlywed significance, from when we lived near Lawrence, KS and the Yellow Submarine sub shop) and to see the movie, Courageous... which made me laugh so hard my sides hurt, and cry a whole bunch, and pray, too.
6.  A wonderful young lady to stay with the kids while we went out.
7.  Sweet hubby driving to another town to get the Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate Frozen Yogurt I wanted.
8.  Enjoying the frozen yogurt shake I made at home.
9.  Safely home.
If only I had a cape, I think I'd look like a superhero.  :)