Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Continuing Equine Adventures

We got a horse!  Actually, we got a horse back in October of 2012! I never dreamed that we would own anything beyond a dog and a cat.

After my Uncle gave us the pony, Thomas told stories and showed pictures of our little pony at his work.  He ended up having a couple of people wanting to know if he was interested in housing another equine.  I really didn't want another animal, but Thomas finally convinced me to go see Harley.

He was a rescue horse (who we were led to believe was a pony).  His last owner was the daughter of  Thomas's co-worker.  The daughter has now graduated college and doesn't live at home.  Which left Harley the horse needing someone to care for and love him.  He was whipped as a young horse.  You can still see the scars up close.  He is a sweet gentle horse, a bit more skittish than even a horse should be.

The last owner (aforementioned daughter) explained to us that he a half of a hand more than a pony, which means he is a horse.  He was quite a bit larger than what we were expecting.  The owner was concerned about how Harley would react to Thomas, because he is afraid of most men.  Harley thought Thomas was just fine.  Wyatt went for a ride on Harley bareback that night.  He was so excited, because Toy Pony is a lot of work to train.

You can see how much bigger Harley is than Toy.

Ellie with Harley.  Ellie is 12 years old now!

I told my mother that I was a sucker for brown eyes. Thomas, the kids, and Harley Horse all have brown eyes (mine are green).

Wyatt with Harley.  Wyatt is 10 years old now.

Harley Horse is over 20 years old (actually they thought he was about 25 years old).  I think he has filled out a bit since we got him.  The property he lived on before was mostly trees and a stream, not a lot of grass.  You can see his ribs in this picture.

Ellie likes to talk to Harley.  Wyatt likes to ride him, when we are able to get him all saddled up.  Wyatt does not like that Harley stands up for himself to Toy sometimes.  Toy is his little Princess Pony.

We had no idea that Toy Pony would be the dominate herd animal.  You should see her bossing Harley around!  The sight is pretty funny.  Harley sometimes gets fed up and will kick at her though.  We enjoy watching them out the patio door when we are eating, or cleaning up.  I like to watch them out the window over my kitchen sink.  

I see Toy running across the yard a full gallop and then she will slow down and wait for Harley to begin to catch up.  Harley stays close to the barn when Toy is locked up at night (we have to watch the little pony's diet carefully, so that she does not get foundered).  They remind me of a brother and a sister.

They make me smile, they make me laugh, and sometimes they make me cry.  Crying is a story for another post.

P.S.-I'm glad to be blogging again.  I have SO missed this.  And my family has been complaining that I didn't have a post on Harley yet.  So, I'm back in the saddle, so to speak.  :)