Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of the Many Reasons I Homeschool

Last Friday's Heart of the Matter Meme was The Goofiest Response Ever To Questions About Homeschoolers. I had a good story that a friend told me, but it wasn't necessarily goofy. I did have a cashier today at Wal-Mart that I had to write about. I've had a half dozen, probably, ask questions or make comments about homeschooling, but this one took the cake.

So, the kids and I made an 8pm run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. As our turn comes to set our things up to pay for, the cashier is hollering to the couple who checked out before us, "Sorry, I said the a-word." Then, she turns to me and says, "I said it real quite because I saw you coming up with the kids." So, I responded, "Thank you, I appreciate that."

Then, she remarks about my daughter, "Well, she looks like she's school age; she's probably heard more than that before." To which I reply, "No, we homeschool." Then she gets one of those funny looks some people get when you tell them you homeschool. She proceeds to tell me, "My husband wanted me to do that, but I think it's good for the kids to be with other kids."

Instead of responding like I should have, with, "So, you like your kids to learn foul language, etc...like you obviously believe and know they are learning at school 'with other kids'?"...I responded with, "They have plenty of time with other kids. We belong to a co-op and other homeschool groups and activities." My darling daughter pipes with, "We play soccer and do all sorts of stuff with other kids." And between you all and me, I thank the Lord I have the privilege of homeschooling my kids. They are not learning the menial, offensive junk that I learned as a kid...not to mention what they would learn in public school in 2009! I also thank God that I have wonderful parents who made sure I knew right from wrong.

My cousin and I were talking the other day. We had such a lovely time when I went to visit her and her son (our hubby's were at work). We took a day off from school to go hang out with her. One of the wonderful perks of homeschooling year round like we do, is we can take an unscheduled day off and it is no big deal. Anyway, my cousin was nine months pregnant and miserable, needing someone to take her mind off things. I am 3 months older than my cousin and we have always been close...even fighting like sisters as children. Well, we were reminiscing about our childhood and she was remembering when my brother and I "sprayed" everything she touched with "cootie spray". Oh, I know I was such a mean child at times, but I never would have even thought of such a things...or many other mean things I did...if it were not for the children at my school. Our children are all different ages: eight(my daughter), six(my son), and four(her son), but they played so nice together and had such a good time that they were asking to play together even the next week. I can't imagine that happening if that had been socialized to believe that they were only supposed to play with other children their own age. We didn't play together the next week because her son had a new baby brother! But we will get together again soon and I know we will all enjoy each other, with our nice, clean language.

I also have to mention that woman is incredibly lucky to have a husband who would encourage her to homeschool. Many women who want to homeschool are not so blessed. My husband "allowed" me to homeschool at first, but said he wouldn't have any sympathy if/when I got overwhelmed. I am happy to say that didn't last long. He is now my solid rock, support, and homeschool advocate...he even teaches our daughter math.

I'll write another day on the many reasons we homeschool. I love that my daughter refused to play soccer until her brother was old enough to play, too, because she wouldn't play if he couldn't yet. I love that they have wonderful friends, most of which are homeschooled, but some are not. I love that they are friends with each other. I'll end with the fact that my kids tell me I am "the best mom in the world," and I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything of this world.

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  1. My husband is my greatest advocate too. I think it's great that you have that. Homeschooling works for our family and I love it.