Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walking to School in Socks

Today was our first official day in the new classroom. Ellie has been dying to have school in the new room. This morning she was so cute, as we were preparing to go downstairs. She had packed her backpack, because she has to have her art supplies with her wherever she goes. She was saying something about walking to school in her socks, or taking the bus, or just walking to school in general...I can't remember the exact thing she said, but we got into a whole conversation about the subject of school transportation.

I told her that her Daddy used to walk to school. He lived in a city and they didn't have a bus that took him to school. He also went to a private Catholic School, so I'm not even sure they had a bus at all. Anyway, she didn't know her Daddy used to walk to school (just a three or four blocks the way I remember him showing me). She was quite surprised.

On the other hand, I explained that I lived too many miles from school to walk. Walking to school would've been too dangerous where I had to walk, from our subdivision across the viaduct that crossed a major highway. I was the first one on the bus and the last one off the bus. Oh, that was the longest ride to my public school (and home!)!!

Wish I could've walked a couple minutes to school in my socks!

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    I always had to take the bus and was near the end of the drop-off in the afternoon too.