Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why you get a Sock Monkey

guest author: Ellie

A sock monkey is the best toy. You do your chores, you clean your room, you get your commission. You go to Wal-mart; for $8, there's a sock monkey on the shelf. Oh, that's what I have in my wallet! I must get it! Yahoo! I got it. I named him Sam The Sock Monkey.
The End.

Misty's note: We were shopping for cousin birthday presents and Ellie saw The Original Sock Monkeys at Wal-mart. She was so excited! She couldn't wait to complete all her chores, so she could earn her commission and buy her very own green and blue striped sock monkey. Last Sunday, she had to wait all morning and afternoon browsing at the Plaza with me, while Brother and Daddy went to the Cheifs' game. We saw littler sock monkeys in stores at the Plaza, which cost more money. Finally, we got to come home, go to our local Wal-mart and buy the sock monkey!

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  1. I hope that sock monkey comes to my house to visit soon!!