Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice Homeschool Comments

The kids and I ran errands yesterday.  I wore my shirt that says "My Children Are Homeschooled And So Were..."; below the caption are pictures of famous people who were homeschooled.  At one stop, there was an older lady, probably younger than my grandmother, but closer to her age than my mom's age.  Anyway, the lady said, "You homeschool!".  The kids turned and looked at me.  I confirmed, "Yes, I'm wearing the shirt.", because none of us had said anything to her.  Then she said, "I think that's great.  There are a couple of families at our church who homeschool, and I can really see the benefits of homeschooling."  Wow!  I don't even think that I've heard such a nice comment from a stranger.  We often get the "My cousin homeschools her kids.", or "My neighbor's sister-in-law homeschools."  I do find it interesting that people need to tell you who they know that homeschools, however far reaching that might be.  I do prefer that response to some comments we get though, you know, the rude or strange ones.  I was so surprised by the older lady's sweet comment, I hope I thanked her properly for her kind words.

Then we went to Sam's Club and the young cashier asked me, "Do you like homeschooling?"  I responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes!".  Then she went on to say, "I wouldn't have like homeschooling, except I got to do it with my cousin."  She explained, and I asked at the same time, that she was an only child.  She went on to explain that she was taught by her aunt who was a teacher.  I asked if she had always been homeschooled.  She said that the first two years, she went to private school.  Then she was homeschooled until she graduated.  She started going to college at age sixteen, and finished high school with dual credits for high school and college.  I asked if she enjoyed homeschooling, where she responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes!".  She loved learning at her own pace and starting with her college at just sixteen.

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