Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is the month for Family Friendly Movies and Giveaway!

There is a great new family movie: Dolphin Tale coming out.  One of the consultants on the movie is the son of Sally Clarkson, homeschool speaker, author, and pretty cool lady.  The two child stars are homeschooled, I know that is fairly common these days among child actors, but I will say that the girl is one of the exceptions to your average Hollywood child stars from the interview I saw of her where shares about your calling from God and her passion for God (she even shares about her typical day... including chores!).  I don't know about the boy.  I haven't seen an interview with him.

The dolphin story is based on a true story, from the movie makers of Blind Side (also based on an inspirational true story).  In the movie the homeschooled star, plays a homeschooled girl! Ellie saw the trailer at a movie she saw with a friend this summer.  She said she really wanted to see Dolphin Tale, and I really want to take the kids! The movie is about a dolphin who is found by a boy wrapped up in litter and hurt.  The dolphin loses his back fin/flipper and the boy makes helping the dolphin want to live and be able to swim again his mission.  I foresee the need for a box of tissues.  I also imagine there will be some cheering going on.

There is a giveaway going on at Sally Clarkson's blog.  She and her hubby are giving away four Dophin Tale packages with t-shirts, beach balls, posters, stickers, and more.

There is free curriculum to go along with the movie and also a call to homeschoolers to flood the theaters on opening day, September 23rd from the Homeschool Movie Club... along with free curriculum from other family friendly movies like Kit Kittredge and Ramona and Beezus.  I encourage you all to check out the Homeschool Movie Club HERE.   

Click HERE to see the movie trailer and HERE to see the homeschool clip that is out to see.

If you don't know about the Walmart/P&G Family movie, the newest Family Movie Night shows on tv this Saturday.  The movie is called Game Time: Tackling the Past.  You can find out more about the Family Movie Night HERE.  My family and I have enjoyed every one of the Family Movie Night movies.  I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but the last one, Who Is Simon Miller, was pretty great.

Tomorrow, a movie called Seven Days in Utopia comes out.  Looks like a pretty good family friendly movie, though I've only see the trailer.

I am SUPER excited that the makers of Facing the Giants and Fireproof have their new movie coming out September 30th (my birthday) :  Courageous!!!  Check out clips and a music video from Casting Crowns at the Courageous Movie site.    The subtitle is "Honor Begins at Home".  The movie is about being Godly fathers and husbands.  I am so excited for this movie.

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