Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harley Horse and Stitches

I really didn't want to see the vet again so soon....

Wyatt was riding the go-cart.  I was trying to plant potatoes.  I only had about one row of potatoes in when Wyatt comes hollering, "Mom, Mom, Harley's hurt!!!"

I didn't think he was going to be hurt bad.  I was thinking a scratch, or something.  So I asked calmly, "What's wrong?  Where is he hurt?  Is he bleeding?"

Wyatt was almost in tears, practically hyperventilating.  "He's bleeding!  You can see it from here!"

I looked, and I couldn't tell how bad it was, but I could see blood, and I was not near the horse at all.

I told Wyatt to go get his Dad and I would try to get Harley.

I think I had my phone, because I had double checked with my Dad how deep I was supposed to plant the potatoes.  Thomas came out and I got Harley's lead rope.  We got him to the barn.  Thomas sent Wyatt to the house to to get a towel full of ice.  I got to hold the ice on Harley, after we closed him in his stall.  Thomas called the vet.  Wyatt kept me company.

Wyatt felt so bad.  The kids had ridden the go-cart out in the pasture with horse and pony before with no trouble.  This time, Wyatt wanted to be with the animals.  He rode the go cart back and forth with them, as they ran up and down the fence.  Harley nearly ran into the pony when they were turning one time.  Wyatt thinks that was when Harley caught his side on the fence.

I sent pictures and called a friend who has horses.  She didn't think the cut was too bad... but that was tiny pictures on a phone.  Thomas called our "new" vet's office, and the vet was there in record time, especially considering he had other stops that he was supposed to be making before us.  We got to meet the only other vet at that office that makes house calls.

The wound was so deep, that it took the vet three layers of stitches to close the wound up.  The time was evening, and there wasn't much light left.  We had to lead Harley up to the front of the house, where the vet's truck was parked.  Thomas held a light for the vet.  I held Harley's head.  The vet gave him a shot to make him sleepy.  Part way through the stitching, I nearly passed out. Wyatt was hanging around, doing whatever we asked.  I had to tell him to get me a chair quickly!  Hurry!  I was feeling so light headed... a combination of a long day, heat, and probably just a little stress.  Wyatt made it just in time with the chair.  Ellie came out of the house and went right back in.  She couldn't look at Harley like that.
So, here is the wound, all stitched up and healing.  I had many mornings of going out to put antibiotic cream on Harley, and fly spray.

And here is the wound, stitches removed, and healing nicely.
I took this picture to show the size difference between Harley and Toy Pony, but I took the picture right after the one above. 

Hopefully there won't be any more vet calls in the near future.

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