Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy Hair Day (School Spirit Week)


Our new church (as of August 2011) started a once a month homeschool get together this year.  For this month, my friend, and the spearhead behind the get togethers, decided to have School Spirit Week.  They had already done Spirit Week as a family, and thought it would be fun to do as a group.  So, last month, we discussed what each day should be.  We kicked off the week as a group with a Pizza Party.

Monday was Crazy Hair Day.

Since Wyatt's most recent, extra short, haircut, he has not been able to do anything to his hair, so he put a piece of duck tape in his hair.  Ellie put a bunch of pony tails on one side of her hair, and I crimped them for her. The other side of her head had a bow barrette and three braids, curled on each end, and held together with a pink pony tailer.  I had three high pony tails, going all different directions, each with a different hot iron... one crimped, one spiraled, and one flat ironed (like a spiral), and then I still had some straight hair in the back.  Thomas had a wig and a headband.  

I got the job of both making and handing out filers for this event, since the Mom who usually does it was out of town on Sunday.  I reminded them of the days we had picked:

Monday:  Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday:  Backwards Day
Wednesday:  Hat Day or Crazy Hat Day
Thursday:  Acts of Kindness and/or Pajama Day
Friday:  School Color Day

I encouraged them to use this week:

"All this, leading up to Friday's School Color Day.  If you don't want to do school colors, you could make it red/white/blue/ (patriotic day).  BUT I would strongly encourage you to use this week to talk to your kids and let them vote and decide on school colors.  If your homeschool doesn't have a name, come up with one... let everyone contribute, discuss what your school stands for... combine names... take a vote.  Another fun thing to do is to have a school verse, school song, mascot (we have a school crest), motto (we don't have one of these, but might by the end of the week!).  Take pride in your Home School.  Help your kids to own their Home School.  It's great fun to have a name for your school!"

I was pretty excited that one family took my advice and already came up with a school mascot... the scrappy chicken, aka Mrs. Whitey.  They even brought her to the party.  My kids decided that our new pony should be our mascot.  So, we are the Shetland Ponys.  I told them that was a good pick, since she will probably still be alive when they graduate and our dog and cat probably won't be.

P.S.- I forgot to add that Ellie and I tried chalking our hair.  Using wet sidewalk chalk and then heating it with the crimper.  The pink chalk worked the best.  Ellie had quite a bit of blue... and it turned out like little old lady hair color.  

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