Sunday, April 1, 2012


My hair has grown quite a bit since the last time I got it cute.  Many times when my hair gets long I just put it up in my African Butterfly... or the boring old pony tail.  I decided that this year, I was going to do something with my long hair.  I recently discovered Pinterest and there were so many cute hairdos on there.  I would try some new things.  So, here are some of my new dos.
Pictures don't really do this hair do justice... or maybe I didn't.
It is two braids twisted together like a pretzel and pinned with bobby pins.

This was an outfit experiment inspired by Pinterest.
HERE is the website for the hair style.

I saw THIS cool double braid, but I couldn't manage to make it work with my hair.

I just braided from one ear to the other, across the top of my head, and ended with a regular braid from my other ear on.

This is actually how I wanted to fix my hair at my wedding... and go talked out of it.
It is NOT inspired by Pinterest, but by the movie Ever After.

This is just a small braid on each side, hooked in the back with a pony tailer.
I have done this starting out with a french  braid, too.

This is also NOT from Pinterest.  I had this crazy idea to braid my hair before I curled it.
Crazy, because the result was not much different than just curling it, but doing that took me twice as long as normal to curl my hair!

Here you can see the little braided curls I had to separate after taking out the curlers.
Which made the end job twice long, or more!

The result... curly, fluffy hair.  When I was in high school, I washed, dried, and  curled my hair every night.
I slept in foam rollers, just to have curls at the bottom of my hair, which was about down to my waist.

This style is from Pinterest.  It's called a Boho Braid.
It's two inside-out braids later secured as a pony tail.

I did this one with the inside out braid and with just regular braids...
I can't tell for sure whether this was the inside-out braid or not.

This is funny!  This is my "Breakfast at Tiffany's" inspired hair.
It is Audrey Hepburns hair style at the end of the movie.
I had not seen Breakfast at Tiffany's until this year.
I really wouldn't recommend the movie, but her hair and clothes are really cute.

I love the way she changes her hair and clothes really fast in the movie.
So, the front hair is pulled up and back in one barrette.
Then you separate the hair into two pony  tails.

It's so easy!  And I really like the result.  I can do this with my hair even if it is being non-cooperative.
My hair is often non-cooperative.

This is another good "non-cooperative" day hairstyle.
I got the idea from THIS, off of Pinterest, but I didn't go to so much work to get the look.

This is at the end of the day and my hair is kind of falling out and drooping.
So, it was a medium to high pony tail.
I did the upside down "topsy tail"... not up and down through the middle of the pony tail,
but under and through the middle underneath the pony tail.
Then I added an elastic headband and took the end of my topsy tail
and fluffed some hair up in front of the headband and behind.

This is the 2nd time of three times that I have worn this style.
I found it works really good when my hair is wet, and make it look like I care...
not like I left the house with a mass of wet hair stringing.
The original style can be found HERE, I found this link...  from Pinterest.

The front, just looks like my hair is in a bun.
Actually, my hair is divided in thirds, then the middle braid is left in a pony tail and braided.
The other two are supposed to be pony tailed and braided, but the top elastic for the pony tail is to be removed.
I decided it was easier just to braid it without the top pony tail on the outer two braids...
and worked just as well with wet hair.
Then each braid is twisted into a little bun and secured with bobby pins.
With dry hair, I could use ten bobby pins on each tiny bun and they would still give me trouble,
but with wet hair, I only need three bobby pins on each one... and they stay ALL DAY!!!

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