Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom's Night Out and Middle of the Night Talks

I don't get a Mom's Night Out very often. I don't lament that fact either. But when I do get a Mom's Night Out...oh, I really do enjoy the time to talk to a friend with no interruptions. Okay, we do get a couple of calls on the cell phone-each, but we could ignore them if we wanted to.

Even though it's freezing cold here, my friend & I met at DQ for ice cream. Mostly, we just needed a warm, quiet place to talk and laugh our butts off. I am blessed with wonderful friends. This one is a fellow homeschooler, who shares being born in September, having two kids, belongs to the same homeschool groups. She is someone I can talk to and be myself. We are both totally in love with our husbands, so even if we have a little annoyance we need to tell the other one about, we know that we are totally thankful for the men God gave us. We laugh about the kids, and sometimes the husbands, antics. We can discuss politics and not argue. I know that I left last nights Mom's Night Out refreshed and ready to tackle bedtime at home.

Back home, everyone was happy to see me & I was happy to see them. This kids & I read three chapters of The Adventure Girls at the K Bar O Ranch, which put us a little past regular bedtime, but we were all dying to find out the end of the book. The Husband wanted to hear all about Girl's Night Out. Did I complain about him? No! What did we talk about? All sorts of things.

The Husband & I have had the most wonderful talks and discussions while doing the Fireproof Couples Study. I must say though, we always have the most wonderful talks in the middle of the night/early morning. For some reason, when we both wake up in the middle of the night and start talking, we cannot stop. We talk about everything. We have such great talks, not just about the everyday workings of married life, but really deep talks.

My mother-in-law has said how wonderful it is that all of her married kids are friends with their spouses. She can see that we really enjoy each other and have fun together. I must say, we do. There have been some rough stubborn times and also adjustments, like when we had each child, but I adore my husband even more than when we were dating.

I am excited for our 10th anniversary this year. I was telling my friend at Girls Night Out, that 10 years does not seem so long to me. My friend said that 10 years was pretty long these days. I explained to my friend that I always compare marriage to my great-grandparents. They were married 73 years and 11 months before grandma went to heaven. Grandpa joined her a month later to celebrate their 74th anniversary. I wrote an article on them for my Feature Writing class in college. Oh, I treasure that. They were still here to interview in person. Grandma died the week Thomas & I were married.

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  1. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes...73 years...wow...
    My grandparents were into the 50's and when grandpap left, gram wanted no part of this life..her life had gone on and when she went to join him, there were no tears...she was with her love again. They were married on Valentine's Day and we were married on the 9th...as close as we could get to Valentine's Day..as a way to honor their marriage, one of the finest I ever witnessed....