Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven: Week 2

This weeks Making Your Home a Haven Challenge was to keep lighting the candle and also add playing soft music in your home.  I'm glad Courtney clarified that she wasn't specifying classical music necessarily, but more mood setting music.  I like classical, but I am really more of an oldies (original rock 'n' roll) kind a girl.

Our favorite music right now is by the God Rocks!.  I know the cd covers look like a children's cartoon.  Definitely not music that grown ups are going to like!  Wrong!  God Rocks Bibletoons actually is a children's cartoon.  A children's cartoon with Bible lessons mixed in, where Bible verses are set to music that reminds you of Elvis, the Beach Boys, and the Beetles.  Anyway, I LOVE singing and hiding God's word in my heart.  The picture is of my God Rocks! music collection. I own all their cds.  I'm also teaching their curriculum in my Sunday School class.

The kids even put on one of my God Rocks! cds when I was working on staining our deck.  I was so proud.  I was listening to my music outside on my mp3 player with speakers.

Music makes such a difference in our lives.  If you've ever switched listening from popular music to Christian music, I'm sure you can attest to a positive change in your attitude.  I know making the switch made a difference for me when I was in 8th grade.  And at times I went back to listening to more popular music, but I didn't like the mood it put me in.  I do still occasionally listen to other music, but 90% or more of my listening is Christian music.  Be careful little ears what you hear!

I'm still not lighting my candle, but just using the candles as a reminder to pray for my home and family.  Honestly, I really haven't needed the candle.  Last week has gotten me on a roll. I've been pretty much a pray anytime anywhere person for a long time (or at least it feels like a long time), but I've been more conscience of my praying since last week and that has just spilled over into this week. 

Praying anytime, all the time, any where and every where reminds me of last Friday's episode of Faithville.  Speaking of kids shows that are really great adult shows, if you haven't seen Faithville, you should check it out.  Faithville is a program set in the 40's with actors (vs. the God Rocks! Bibletoons) and is really a series on discipleship.  The last program I watched the newest neighbor in Faithville could not believe that people were praying in public!  One of the greatest things about adding the digital boxes to our old television sets was getting the Smile of a Child network, a Christian network where we found God Rocks! and Faithville.

I'm really enjoying this challenge.  Next week is de-cluttering...and boy do I need some of that!


  1. I totally agree with your statement about how your attitude becomes more positive when you switch from popular music to listening to Christian music. These days when I hear popular music, most of the time it just brings me down rather than lift me up (not to mention the DJ's *sigh*). Christian music has definitely had a hand in changing my attitude for the better.

  2. Hey, So glad you love the music!! I kind of like it too ;)
    - CHIP