Sunday, March 25, 2012

My How The Time Does Fly

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by!  It's nearly April and I haven't written a blog post!  I have been thinking about plenty of them... actually started writing one, but got interrupted.

As a family, we kicked off the year with a cleanse.  Around the end of January, my sister and I started doing the Couch to 5K, a walking/jogging (or walking/running plan), which is designed to take nine weeks to get a person running or jogging for 3 miles (5K).  My sister & I have the same model treadmill, and we text each other each time we run and encourage one another.  We plan to celebrate when we complete the plan. I have some "before" pics that I can share once I have some "after" pics.  :)  My sister got sick, and I didn't want to finish before her (because I want to celebrate with her... plus it's just more fun doing the plan together...even if we're not really together), so we are behind.  I had completed week six, but we started back at week five, because we had not ran for weeks.

A homeschool mom at our church started a once a month homeschool family get together at our church.  I think I enjoy the time chatting with the other moms more than the kids enjoy the time with their friends.  One of those Mom's really encouraged me, unintentionally, about a goal of mine: to read the entire Bible in a year.  She told me that she has been working on that goal for 3 years.  Made me feel much better about my failed attempts.  I am doing lots better so far this year.  I'm using a plan I downloaded a while back that is printed out on bookmarks to check off the chapters each day.  I also found a Bible at the thrift store that fits in my purse, so I can do my reading wherever I may be each day, whenever time permits.

I discovered Pinterest... after hearing rave reviews from others.  I must admit, I have so much fun on there!  I admit to being addicted for a while.  Actually, I find it much more addicting than Facebook ever was.  For me, it's like designing my own magazine to enjoy each day.  I find recipes, clothing, hairstyles, inspirational quotes, Bible verses, home decorating, cleaning recipes, and even homeschool stuff... and I don't have to buy a bunch of magazines... AND I don't have to hunt for the information again, because it's all right there on my pin boards.

I have lots to share in the coming days!

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