Friday, March 30, 2012

New Curtians

I FINALLY got new curtains made for both of my children!
These were Wyatt's curtains for a long time.  Wyatt thought Bob-the Builder was the greatest.
A co-worker, whose son only like Thomas the Train, gave us a "Bobby" duvet cover.
I bought material and made these Bob-the-Builder curtains.

When a local Walmart was being remodeled and getting rid of it's fabric department,
Wyatt picked out this Elvis Presley material for new curtains.
That was over a year ago. That Walmart even has a fabric department again (consumer demand).

Here's a close up of the new material.  Not surprising he picked Elvis, considering  who his mother is.

Here is poor discarded "Bobby".
Poor Ellie has not had curtains on her windows for SO long.

She has two windows in her room.

Here are her new curtains.  They are flowered.

You can see them a little better in this photo.  You can tell from the dates, that I got Ellie's done before Wyatt's.

Now, I just need to make tie backs for both of them.  Ellie hooks her around whatever is near to open her curtains.  One of these days...

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