Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our First Official Snow Day

I know this is old... especially since we are now in the season of Spring, but I don't recall every having an Official Snow Day before.  Since we had so little snow this year, our Superintendent (aka Hubby/Daddy) took the one snowy-enough for sledding day this year and called into to work and declared an Official Snow Day for the Academy of the Gospel (aka our homeschool).  We packed up our gear and headed to a dam near our church to do some family sledding.

Here's Ellie at the top of the hill.

Thomas with our "penguin", which was the best ride!

I do not see myself without glasses in a picture very often...
a bit strange to see myself without them, but they were fogging up really bad!

Wyatt on the trek back up the hill.  Looks like he's having fun!

The trek up the hill was quite good exercise!

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