Thursday, March 5, 2009

8 Ways to a More Organized Homeschool Carnival

Well, I put the cart before the horse in posting on Clutter before posting on the 8 Ways to a More Organized Homeschool Carnival at the Heart of the Matter, but there was a deadline for the first entry. I think I would've gotten around to writing the article sooner, but we all got the stomach flu at our house. Wyatt got sick a week ago today, I got sick Sunday night, Ellie got sick Monday morning, and my Darling Husband got sick yesterday morning. So, I just squeezed in writing that post between nursing myself and all the other sick people in my house.

The Carnival is quite exciting. You can check it out by clicking on the link in the first paragraph. The weeks topics are as follows:

Weekly Topics

1. Organize your physical space: cutting clutter, ways to store books and supplies, tips for small spaces, etc. Posted 3/6.
2. Organize your morning: morning routine, time with God, chores, breakfast, getting off to a good start, etc. Posted 3/13.
3. Organize your school schedule: schedules on paper, reviews of planners, time allotted for subjects, etc. Posted 3/20.
4. Organize your records: grades, tests, attendance, etc. Posted 3/27.
5. Organize your projects: storing paper, lapbooks, notebooks, and old projects. Posted 4/3.
6. Organize your kitchen: menu planning, recipes, etc. Posted 4/10.
7. Organize your activities: field trips, co-ops, etc. Posted 4/17.
8. Organize your heart: priorities, good attitude, etc. Posted 4/24.

I'll be participating in the weeks that I feel I have something to contribute. Looking forward to everyone sharing!

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  1. Hey girl!! I've put in a few too.....JUST BARELY made the deadline myself! LOL!!

    I dug up a few from the past!!
    I'll be at classes tomorrow when it starts....Can't wait to see yours!!

    Any warmer over there?? We were Niiiiiice today...65...oh Spring is COMING!