Friday, April 3, 2009

Living History

Today was our last official field trip of the year for Co-op. We had a great turn out. Everyone who signed up was able to attend. We had six families.
This was the group (minus me).

We are so lucky to live near Kansas City. We went to Missouri Town 1855, which is a living history site in Jackson County. We had the place nearly to ourselves on a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the temperature was nearly 60 degrees, with a brisk breeze.

The kids petted oxen and horses, learned about life in 1855, loved visiting the blacksmith, all took a turn feeding chickens, and sawing firewood! They answered and asked lots of questions. They also all began their Kansas City Passport to Adventure for 2009.

My hubby was able to join us for this field trip and we got some priceless pictures. Ellie and I bought bonnets. We wanted them last year when we went, but didn't get them. I totally love wearing the bonnet! The bonnet is better than sunglasses, and it keeps your ears warm from the cold breeze. Plus, I enjoy the Caroline Ingalls look (too bad I wasn't wearing a dress). :)

On the way home, the kids were going on about how they'd like to live Pioneer style. They want to be self sufficient: dig a well, have our own animals, grow our own food, no electricity, etc... even sawing our firewood! The only idea they didn't like was giving up some of their toys. We'll see how that goes. The husband and I have talked about going Amish... (not actually becoming Amish, but living Amish-style: horse and buggy, farming, no modern amenities).

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