Friday, April 17, 2009

What curriculum do you use?

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "What curriculum do you use?" I don't use one curriculum. I've known from the beginning that neither I, nor my children, are the curriculum-in- a-box type. We lean towards Charlotte Mason, because we use a lot of living books (as opposed to text books). I call our style eclectic though, because we use a bit of everything.

Today, at the homeschool conference, I was at a workshop and wound up sitting in the same row as a former classmate from high school. Actually, we were in Concert Choir together. Amazingly, we both recognized each other (though I couldn't have told you his name just from looking at his face...and I think that was the same for him). Anyway, this former classmate & his wife are going to be missionaries overseas and they will be homeschooling for the first time. Their oldest is age six.

So, the story goes...he later introduced me to his wife and she wanted to know "What curriculum do you use?". I just don't answer that question well on the spot. I usually tell people about Singapore Math, because we've use that for two years now and I know many other people who like it. My daughter is having a math crisis this year...she hates math at the moment...well, for pretty much the whole year. So, I was at the conference for math inspiration and information (along with a plethora of other things).

After the fact, I remembered the thing I so wished I would've, here's hoping they check out my blog soon! I gave them my "Mommy Card" (I get the card sheets from Wal-Mart and print cards with my e-mail, phone #, blog url, picture, and family names to give to people rather than scribbling info on a scrap of paper & then they forget who it was who gave them the info).

What has really inspired and invigorated my homeschooling lately is The 3 R's by Ruth Beechick. I have had it saved to buy on for a year, I think. Then someone local was selling a bunch of Ruth Beechick books by e-mail and that happened to be one of them. I jumped at the offer. I am so glad! She really simplifies things and puts homeschooling into perspective. I would recommend The 3 R's to anyone starting out homeschooling. The book is for kindergarten through 3rd grade; then there is another book for grades after that. Ruth Beechick is awesome! I'm going to be reviewing a couple of her We-e-books that sell on at The Old Schoolhouse Store very soon.

Ruth Beechick gives some great ideas for Math in The 3 R's, but I was totally pumped today by Nancy Bjorkman from Heppner's Legacy! I was already excited, just because it was Nancy. She was totally inspiring (just like last year). Nancy called my friend, Colleen, and I her groupies. We totally are huge Nancy Bjorkman fans! Oh, the fun math games my kids are about to enjoy. I bought Nancy's packet of games after attending her workshop. I need no more math inspiration...thank you!!!

If you're out there Rick & Valerie...I wish you and your family the best! I would love to hear about your Missionary Homeschooling Adventures. You all should start a blog!


  1. Hi, Thanks for the tips here and also for the comments on the HOTM article. My daughter is struggling with Algebra, which she'll need to prepare for college. I'm going to check into your Nancy Bjorkman.

  2. I love The 3 Rs. It was fantastic. I still read it every so often for a quick pick me up. I never used curriculum before this year either. We were always very eclectic and flowed using the CM approach. Then, I discovered Sonlight. I love the philosophy, CM approach to learning, and a guide to follow or not should I choose to wing it. It just gave me more free time. I spend less time planning or researching what books for what studies.

    I'm off to check out Heppner's Legacy. :)

  3. I too love the 3R's! We do use Math U See and LOVE it as well. I'm eclectic and just figuring it out too with my oldest in K HS this year!