Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Familyman at the Homeschool Conference

I can hardly believe it's been over three weeks since the Homeschool Conference and it has taken me all this time to get my pictures downloaded and have some time to blog!

I'll start with Todd Wilson, aka The Familyman of Familyman Ministries. I missed him my first year at the conference and I was so sad when I realized that he was there and I didn't get to see him, or even stop at the Familyman booth. I read one of his books, Lies Homeschooling Mom's Believe, with the ladies at The Heart of the Matter. They used his book for their first devotional study. Ever since then, I'm all about "being real", as Todd says. I got him to autograph that book, my new one, and the one I bought for my husband. Then I went back before the weekend was over and picked up his Homeschooling Comics Calendar for next year; which is really cool, filled with things to do (like homeschool ideas) each day!

The two sessions I got to go to of his were packed! The evening one was called "Dream Big". I have really thought a lot about this session in the past three weeks. Todd talked about "Dream Killers" and "Dream Fanners". He used the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. He reminded us all that God is big enough to kill the dumb dreams, and we really need to support and maybe not always encourage what we think are the dumb dreams, but not be a Dream Killer. He used a couple of examples. One example was a college kid who wanted to be a writer; another man heard the boy talking and just kept telling him why being a writer just wouldn't work out. Todd eventually had the chance to encourage the college kid, but the other guy was really killing his spirit. The other example he used is when one of his son's came to him and said that when he grew up, he wanted to own a cruise ship. Well, as he said, he could've told him all the reasons why that was a bad idea, but instead, he just said something like "Oh, that'd be so much fun! You could take me for rides all over the ocean." Of course, his son hasn't spoken about owning a cruise ship for years. But his son still tells him his dreams, because he didn't try to kill that one.

I think of all the times that I have been a Dream Killer... to my husband, probably to my children at times, and even definitely to myself. I have been much more careful to be a Dream Fanner since I heard Todd speak. I'm even trying to fan my own dreams.

The other session I got to attend of Todd's was based on his book (which I bought): How To Be a Great Wife Even Though You Homeschool. This session had women sitting in the isles, behind Todd on the floor, and standing in the doorway! Good thing the Fire Marshall wasn't there...I'm not sure we would've passed inspection. A lot of the things he told us, I'd heard before, though Todd has a way of making things incredibly hilarious! He gave us ladies a lot to think about and implement in being good wives, even though we homeschool. The number one on the list is to put our husbands before our homeschooling. I'm not one of those "we have to have a date every weekend" people, but I really try to make sure that I make sure my Hubby knows that he is number one. I have to admit though, I'm not always the best at that.

My friend, Colleen, and I chased Todd down to get a photo. I'm still so disappointed that I didn't get a photo of Marilyn Rockett, that I wasn't going to the opportunity to get some photos of some of my favorite authors and speakers at the conference. Todd told us that we needed to "Get a life," because we wanted to photo of him. I should've told him then that I was enjoying not having a life for the weekend. I would soon enough go home and have my life back...and lots of catching up to do for leaving the kiddos home with Daddy for two days straight. I commented on his blog to let him know that I got my life back soon enough!

So, here's the picture:

I thoroughly appreciate Todd's family for sharing him with all of us. He has a way with words. He has a wonderful way of making you laugh and think all at the same time.

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