Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chuck Black and The Knights of Arrethtrae

I was really excited to pick up the next book in The Knights of Arrethtrae Series by Chuck Black on Friday of the Homeschool Conference. I won the first book, Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione, from The Heart of the Matter. My kids loved the book, especially Ellie. Wyatt listened in on most of the book, he wasn't interested at first, but then wouldn't let us read the book without him!

I don't believe I realized at the time that Chuck Black's original series, The Kingdom Series, was written as an allegory to the Bible, with not magic, mysticism, or wizardry and the Knights of Arrethtrae belong to the same world and kingdom of the Kingdom Series books! I love the fact that there is no magic, etc.! Now I want to read that whole series!

The stories are all set in the days of knights, ladies, and castles. My dear daughter thought those days were all made up, imaginary, but she was thrilled and delighted to find out that knights, ladies, and castles all existed in history...even if these stories are made up. Oh, and how wonderful an imagination God has given to Chuck Black. We are transported to the Kingdom of Arrathtrae when reading these books. I have the worst time putting them down. Sometimes I sneak and read pages ahead without the children.
Ellie wanted to read the book the night I brought it home, but we had to wait a couple of days before starting it. We had another book we needed to finish first. I think we took maybe a week to make it all the way through the new book, Sir Bentley and the Battle of Holbrook Court.

So, my big surprise was that author, Chuck Black, his wife, and two of their kids were there at the conference! I didn't spot them until Saturday. I'm betting their booth was completely surrounded on Friday when I passed by. They allowed us to take their picture, and a picture of their cool booth, complete with a knights armor and chain mail! I wish I would've had my books for him to autograph!

We got to hear about one of his daughter's music (Emily was not with them in Kansas City), which is featured on the audio books, which are complete audio dramas! Hmm...Christmas presents to myself? I would let the kids listen, too. Miss Emily Black has a cd of her music (separate from the soundtrack to the audio books); the music from the audio books can be purchased on a sound track.
If you haven't discovered Chuck Black for yourself, check out his website! Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart came out May 1st. That's next on my list to buy.

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