Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Friend...Nancy Bjorkman

I was so thrilled to learn that Nancy Bjorkman was going to be at the Homeschool Conference again this year. She was listed under her store, Heppner's Legacy, instead of her name. If my friend Colleen had not been researching to try and get her to speak at the local Mini-conference next year, we would not have even realized that she was speaking!

That would've been a tragedy! I was marking all the workshops on Math, because that has been my greatest challenge with Ellie this year. I want her to think Math is fun again... at last check, she hated Math. I was not going planning on going the the Heppner's Legacy one because there was another workshop at the same time that Colleen and I were planning to go to. When we realized that was Nancy though, we changed our plans.

We sat in the front row. We were incredulous that some of the helpers did not realize this was Nancy Bjorkman, and this was her classroom! We volunteered to help with anything she needed help with. We were huge fans! She doesn't like being put on a pedestal though, so we were promoted? to friends!

We took pictures with our new friend.

She has opened up a whole new world of Math to me. I still need to do some laminating and organizing of the games I bought. I need to put my baggy of dice in my purse. I already gave my children the cool dice in their favorite colors (green and orange). I am even excited about Math, which is a big deal, since I was never a big fan of Math myself. You can purchase Nancy's Math Game's Galore! on her store's website.

Thanks again, Nancy!

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