Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Break

We homeschool year round. Some people think that means we don't ever get a break. Really we do. The great thing about homeschooling year round is that we can take breaks whenever we need to, or just because we want to. Another great thing about homeschooling year round is that we're never really out of our groove. Not that we don't get out of our groove sometimes when we're in the midst of homeschooling, but it's much easier to get back into to the groove either way.

Right now we're taking a mini-vacation of sorts. What that means for yesterday and today is that I'm not really concerned with how much school we get done (we do seem to get a little done no matter what...the day we go without some kind of learning would be a strange one indeed!), but right now I'm more concerned with cleaning and organizing. The basement is in pretty bad shape right now. I actually took pictures so I could have before and after. I should have taken pictures yesterday, because my Dad came down and helped me drain the waterbed in our basement and hauled off the old couch and chair that was in the basement (they were my parents when they first got married...oh, yeah, they were 70's orange and green, ba-by!). Before I took pictures today, I did a lot of picking up, throwing away, and sweeping.

My Dad also brought me a lovely gift from my husband. My dear Hubby bought me those cool library shelves with glass fronts that lift up and slide in. They are from his work, so they are metal, but I don't care. I actually like it, because metal is much harder to damage, at least in my mind. I am thrilled to pieces! Since I was a little girl, I've wanted my own library. I thought at one point I might become a librarian. I just love books that much. The librarian dream kind of died out, but not the "my own library" dream. I already have a truck load of books, so I just needed the proper shelves to store them on. I will post pictures when that project is complete.

So, while I clean and organize and throw things away, the kids are having all sorts of fun. I'll get them in on the cleaning and organizing eventually. I check on them often (especially when they get quiet). They love to put on swimsuits and turn the bathroom into their own personal water park (they call it a steam room, because they get the water hot and the mirror steams up). If I was fast enough thinking earlier, I would've got a great picture when I checked in on them. I'm okay with "steam room", as long as they clean up afterwards, and there is no water leaking into the basement before they clean up (yes, that has happened). They also get to watch videos when there'd usually be no-TV-time.

Next I need to do some measuring and figuring, because the kids and I really like the idea of moving our bedrooms downstairs and the classroom, playroom, and office area upstairs. I have to have detailed plans to present to the husband. I am dying for my Mom to have chance to come down and lend me her eye. She's so good at re-designing with things you already have.

Since I titled this Spring Break, I can't help but add what I just thought of about traditional Spring Break from my own public school and college. I never understood why we'd have Spring Break at the coldest point of Spring! We'd be off school and want to go swimming and all that sort of stuff, but the weather was too stinking cold. The only great thing about Spring Break for me was when my cousin and I would take turns spending a couple of nights at each other's houses that week. We wrote the most fun stories together, enjoyed the same books, and just had a great time. I got to talk to that dear cousin today (while I was sorting laundry) and I'll get to see her on Sunday at our Uncle's Wedding Shower! Yea, for grown-up Spring Breaks!

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  1. Just thought you'd like to know the bookcases are called barristers. :)
    I've never seen metal ones - very cool gift!