Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day was yesterday, but I decided to write a bit about it anyway. My Hubby and kids made big plans for me. When Thomas got home from his tennis tournament on Saturday, he took the kids and I shopping, so he could buy me a new pair of blue jeans (my one request).

On Saturday night, they made me a strawberry cake (with a little bit of help from me). My six year old son decorated it all by himself, while Ellie and I were getting ready for bed. I had already put together the bag and tip for adding icing decoration. Wyatt spread white frosting on the cake, then put strawberry frosting in the bag and added a heart on top and the intials W and M. Ellie then got to add an E and a T, to complete the family initials.

While we were eating cake, the kids gave speeches. Ellie's was all about how she wanted to love, honor and respect me; she even quoted in the Bible about "Honor your father and mother...". Wyatt's was all about how he wanted to decorated the cake, by himself, with the heart on it, because he loves me so much. That was priceless.

After cake, they took turns giving me five dollar bills until I had forty-five dollars. Then I got to go downstairs and order the book: Beauty by God, by Shelly Ballestero. I got to listen to her talk at the A Woman Inspired online womens conference, and I've been thinking about her book ever since.

That was not the end though! Sunday, I had to work at my part-time job. When I got home, they had all made me cards, gave me Dove chocolate, and took me to my Mom's house. Our whole little extended family was there: Mom, Dad, my brother, my sister, her hubby, and her two little girls. We even got to see one of my aunts and uncles for a few minutes. I also got fireworks shot off for me. They were just bottle rockets, but that was all part of their big plan for my Special Mother's Day.

Thomas asked me later if they out did their selves this Mother's Day. I told them, "No, it was wonderful." I don't remember a better Mother's Day.

P.S.: I used the rest of my money to buy four fruit roll up trays for my dehydrator and a Pollyanna book (I love the Disney movie, but I've never actually read the book!).

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