Saturday, June 11, 2011

Language Learning and Liberty's Kids

Guest post by Alec

Bonjour, Messieurs et Mademoiselles!  Hello, Boys and Girls!  Mother started Mango language classes online.  She was almost done with her first Spanish lesson.  Then she got me and my sister on Mango.  I was first.  I chose to learn French this year.  My sister chose Mandarin Chinese.

Mother had about 35 minutes on her Spanish lessons.  That first night, I got in 8 minutes.  My sister got in 1 minute.  The next day, I worked as hard as I could on Mango.  I made my Mother get 47 minutes in.  That day I got in 92 minutes.  My sister still has 1 minute.

My goal is to major in French like my Aunt T.  Here is the story of how my Mother learned French.  When my Mother was a little girl, she and her cousin shared these little newspapers and one of them had like 10 French words.  She thought it was the prettiest language and that's what urged her to learn French.  She took French in high school and college.  Her college professor said that she was really good and she should learn more.  She was nervous about not speaking right with the accent, so she just took the minimum of classes.

Here's the story about how I became a French student.  I saw the television series Liberty's Kids, and I liked the character Henri, who is French.  I like the way they pronounce their words and their accent.  And they speak fast, like I do in English.  That is all.

Misty's notes:
We are blessed that our local library has Mango online for us to use for free through the library website.  We can access the lessons from our home computer through our library card and the library website.
We were going to start foreign language lessons last year, but I just tried out the Spanish and never got any further.  So, we were all going to get serious starting next month with the new school year.  Wyatt, oops, I mean Alec, got so excited about learning French, he could not wait!  He practices and goes back to the beginning if he misses anything.  I think he will soon be reading French better than English.  I also have to say that I love that he calls me "Mother".  I feel so proper and grown up.  :)

Oh, and Liberty's Kids is a great historical cartoon series.  The show is all about the American Revolution.  My kids know about so many of the United States founding fathers and their amazing quotes and speeches from that show.  My hubby discovered our collection of Liberty's Kids on dvd that I purchased for homeschooling and he enjoyed watching all the episodes, too.  There is still a Liberty's Kids website you can checkout HERE and archives HERE, you can also watch episodes on youtube.

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  1. we love Liberty's Kids! Thank you so much for showing us that they are on Youtube. I looked into buying them but it's too much for us. We borrowed the dvds from a friend once so we've seen them. Now as long as the government doesn't block youtube again we're all set :)