Monday, June 6, 2011

Reshaping It All Update

One of my goals for the Reshaping It All Challenge is for my clothes to fit better.  Well, last Sunday I wore a pair of capri pants to work.  I wasn't thinking, but they were already clean again, and I wore the same pair of capri pants to church this Sunday.  Well, I did start thinking when I realized those same pants were lose this weekend, where last weekend they just fit.  I have to say that is progress and that feels good!

Also, this last Saturday at work, a co-worker's 16 year son told her that I was "hot".  She had to burst his bubble and tell him that I am only a couple years younger than her (his mother!).  LOL!  Anyway, I did get a kick out of that, being almost old enough to be his mother!  We are literally two years apart in age.

I got my Union 28 hoodie today!  I love it!  I'll post a picture of me "modeling" the hoodie soon.  :)

P.S.- I just had to note that I am not trying to be attractive to a 16 year old, or anyone for that matter, besides my husband.  Also, I was not wearing anything provacative.  I have wore things in the past that I am now embarassed to say I've worn.  I didn't realize at the time what I was doing to the poor males I put myself on view in front of.  My Mom grew up in the era of mini-skirts, hip hugger bell bottom pants, and body suits... and pretty much all of those things came back in style by the time I was a teenager. 

Now Ellie and have conversations when we pick out clothes:  "Is that modest?".  I'll even ask her about something I own, if I'm not sure I should wear it in public... "Is this modest on me?".  Some things that are still in the closet, sadly, I need to get rid of.

So, just to clarify, for anyone reading this, you don't have to dress like you're "advertising"  (looking for love, or trying to attract men) to be attractive.  I was wearing a dress that goes just past my knees, with cotton leggings that covered my calves, and ballet flats... with my lab coat that snaps up to my neck and ends past my bottom.  I was dressed to go to my father-in-law's for a cook out after work, but also have to dress nice for work.

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