Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Has Arrived!

Ellie and Wyatt pooled their commission money and bought their very first Slip 'n' Slide.
Ellie had to get a new swimsuit.  I was hoping the one I bought her at the end of last season for her friend's birthday party would last this summer, too.  She had grown already though and the straps were cutting into her shoulders.  What a job we had finding modest swimsuit that fit her long torso.  We wound up with a tankini from Kohl's.  Luckily Wyatt's new swim trunks still fit! 

Sadly, that Slip 'n' Slide only last one day.  The next day the set it up and the orange cushion at the end popped.  So, we exchanged the Slip 'n' Slide at our good ole Wal-mart.  We had a hard time finding the same one, and by the time we did, they'd decided this larger Slip 'n' Slide was a better deal.  It was only $3 more.  I really like the green boogie boards that come with the slides.  The kids don't really use them, but I like them for flopping down on the ride.

I remember these things being longer, but maybe it was just because I was shorter.  According to the directions no one over 5 feet tall is supposed play on the slide, but I gave it a half dozen turns today.  I got good and wet.  Not bad when you don't  have a pool and live far enough from the public pool to make it a trip.

Tonight we went to my parents house to play in their pool.  I am so excited that they opened the pool this year.  My folks have had that pool since I was 9 years old.  They have replaced the liner once.  I have cleaned it more times than I could tell you (it was one of my summer jobs growing up).  That pool is full of great memories and more to come.  And it's free!

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