Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reshaping It All... Hoodie Pics and More

I really wasn't sure how much difference working on the Reshaping It All Challenge was going to make for my body, but I was all for "motivation for physical and spiritual fitness"!  I had already gotten down to my "fighting weight" about the time the Challenge started.  My "fighting weight" is just a comfortable weight for me, but since I've found this weight after having both kids, I still easily gain 5 lbs, lose 5 lbs (the terrible yo-yo).  This last year I gained like 8 or 10 lbs onto that weight.  Ugh!  That is just way too much for my small frame.  Although I am 5 foot 6 inches tall (or 7 inches, depending on who's measuring me) and I feel like a giant next to my 5'2" cousins, I am small boned.  That much weight on this frame is just too much.  My clothes were all getting tight...some of them just didn't even fit anymore.

Well, here comes the exciting news.  After getting down to my comfortable weight again.  I can pretty much wear all my clothes and feel comfortable.  I don't think I've gone below that weight since I lost all my baby weight after Ellie was a year old.  Yesterday I had to tuck in my shirt and put a belt on with my shorts.  Today I stepped on the scales and I am 2 lbs below the comfortable weight!  I was not and am not trying to lose weight.  I just want to be healthy and fit.  I've been excercising so much more consistantly that I was really encouraged to see that I was losing inches when I put on my clothes.  I put on a pair of denim capri pants that I've saved, but haven't really been comfortable in (even at the "comfortable" weight) for years.  Today, they were comfortable!  Here's a picture of me wearing them:

And here are the pictures of me in the Union28 My Husband Rocks Hoodie that I won from one of the giveaways on the Reshaping It All Challenge site:

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