Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Magnetic Poetry

I used some sticker paper that I bought at the Dollar Tree and some 1/2 advertising magnets that we got in the mail, and made our own magnetic poetry.  I just printed out the words and punctuation on the sticker paper, applied the sticker paper to the magnets, and cut them out.  Some parts of  the magnet did not stick very well, but they were cheap and fun to make... and I can make more.  :)

I thought this would get my son interested in making sentences and reading them (worked for a few days).  I have had lots of fun making sentences, and my daughter has, too.

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  1. Love it! My son and I leave scrambled words for each other with our alphabet magnets and I recently realized I can write and wipe on our fridge with washable markers.