Friday, December 9, 2011

White Chicken Chili

I had a cold this week, and didn't want to pack anything in my lunch for work.  I wanted soup, but didn't want to heat it up in the microwave in the break room.  So, I had chili at Wendy's from the dollar menu.  Wound up being like $1.64 for a "small" size chili with four saltine crackers.  It was perfect.  I even felt better after I ate it.  I paid more attention to the chili when I ate it the second day (I usually work two days outside the home each week)... the chili had onions and peppers in it, along with two kinds of beans and some meat.  When I grew up, us kids didn't like onions and peppers, so chili was tomato sauce with beans, ground hamburger, and a package of Chili Seasoning.  Mom and Dad would spice theirs up in their bowls, if they decided to.  Now that we are all grown, they really spice chili up... but that's another story.  The side of the Wendy's Chili Bowl said that the chili was low-fat and high in fiber, which are great things in my book.

So, I have been in a chili mood.  I don't make chili very often, because my hubby always says "Chili is the same thing as tacos, and I prefer tacos."  The kids, of course, listen to what Dad says and are pretty uninterested.  I am thinking what a great immune booster chili could be during the winter months and how eating chili seems to be clearing up my cold.  Then I go to a different grocery store on my way home because they have a bunch of sales going on and I want to pick some of the sale food up.  I am working on a price sheet (to compare common items at the different stores around me) and I was checking out the price of canned beans... on sale for 39 cents!  At Aldi (usually the cheapest) for 55 cents.  Also, many different versions of canned diced tomatoes for 39 cents each.  They also had a huge roll of hamburger for a great price.  I couldn't resist.  I stocked up on chili fixin's.

I had cooked some chicken in the crockpot to make chicken pot pie (recipe coming soon!), but I knew I had more than enough.  I also remember I had a package of white chicken chili seasoning in my seasoning package tin (now filled with homemade season packages, but this was still leftover since I make chili so infrequently). 

Just before we left to go on a bike ride, I tossed these ingredients in the crockpot (which you could put on a stovetop just as well, but I wanted this to be hot and ready when we got home... and making the house smell good):

White Chicken Chili

1 14.5 oz can of petite diced  tomatoes with sweet onions
1 15   oz can of great northern beans
1  11 oz can of mexican style corn
2-3 cooked breast chicken pieces (could also use canned chicken, or leftovers)
1 package of white chicken chili seasoning (or your own seasoning mix)
1 cup of water

Everything is already cooked, just needs to be heated up.  I put the crockpot on low and we were gone for 5 or 6 hours.  I'm sure the chili was ready before then, but it was not over done.

I'm sure 15 or 20 minutes on the stove, or maybe even less, would also do the trick.

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