Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Parent's Pool

Wow!  I haven't written in so long.  I was looking at my drafts and realized how behind I was.  I thought this would be fun to post.  As the weather is getting very cold around here.  The kids are I were talking about how depressing having the daylight for so short a time is.  I thought posting pics of summer fun would be nice.

My parents got this pool the summer my baby sister turned one year old.  So, I was almost  nine years old.  I spent every summer there growing up.  We never took fancy vacations when I was at home.  I never ventured more than one state away in any direction until I was in college.  The pool was our vacation each year.  I learned how to care for the pool as I grew up.  Chlorinating and vacuuming the pool became my job, and I still remember how to do all that.

Mom and Dad had to replace the liner after the pool hadn't been used for a few years (after I got married).  My kids have been able to enjoy the pool for a few summers now.  I enjoy seeing them play together where my brother, sister, and I used to play.  I wish I knew where the picture of the three of us in a blow up tire was; I would have to scan that and post the picture here.

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