Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Thirty-three must be a magic year. My brother called to "tell me I was old".  Honestly, I can't remember the last time my brother wished me a Happy Birthday, so I will take it!  My sister and her three girls came to hang out with me this afternoon.  I managed to catch almost all my birthday calls.  My sister took some pictures of me.  I have been wanting to update my blog picture, since I've had new glasses for a year now.  I can't decide which picture I like...or if I want to wait and take one closer to the blog anniversary. 

I told my sister that I look like I have a double chin in some of them.  She said, no you don't.  So, I'm being brave and posting them.  While she was taking pictures, she was looking through the camera and at one moment she said, "You look like Mom."  Which I take as a compliment, I've always thought my mom was pretty.  It's funny though sometimes, when you look in the mirror and see your mother staring back at you. 

Last night was parent night at AWANA and I got to go.  I was sitting on a chair with Ellie and one of the girls at  her table said, "Is that your mom?  I thought she was your sister!".  I told Ellie that people used to say that to me and my Mom all the time, actually sometimes they still do.

So these are my birthday pictures.  Should I use one of these for my profile picture?  Which one?

I like how green my eyes look in this one.  The color is truer, but I'm thinking I should have adjusted it, because I look paler than I do in real life.

This looks like my skin tone.  This is similar to the one Ellie took of my for my profile picture almost 2 years ago.  Only the lighting is better and I still think that I look like I have double chin.  :(

The coloring is kind off crazy in this one with the sun shining on me and  bit of shadow.  Changing my shirt to a pink color might have affected that too.  I like my chin in this one.  :)

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