Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treaure Hunt

This kids needed some motivation today and I needed to see some better attitudes with their schoolwork.  I still have most of my old toys, well preserved.  I didn't get a lot of stuff (at least not compared to some kids), but my parents taught me to take good care of my stuff.  Anyway, they like my old toys.  So, we made a bargain.  Ellie could have one of my old Cabbage Patch Dolls and Wyatt could have three of my old Hot Wheels.  Not the best bargain on original cost, but they were both happy.  I was happy, too; I saw instant attitude changes.

The Cabbage Patch Dolls that I was going to show Ellie were in a plastic container in our storage room in the basement.  It took me a while to remember where I'd put them.  I have a lot of stuff in there!  Especially since I am still painting the basement and I keep shoveling things in there to get them out of the way.  (I so need to concentrate and eliminate, as my Aunt June would say, when I get done with the painting projects.)  Wyatt got my Russian Cabbage Patch Doll, because he had been promised one of my boy dolls when I gave Ellie my My Child doll.  So, his deal was a little sweeter.  Well, in finding the doll container, I found an identical container that held some of my tiny doll like miniature Strawberry Shortcake Baby, some of my paper dolls, coloring books, folders.

The real exciting finds were in my books.  I found the Young Writers book from my elementary school.  I was "published" in it in 5th grade.  It was so exciting to be chosen for the book.  It's just a bunch of facsimiles (remember those?!) bound together with a comb binder, like the "books" I make for my kids at home, but I'm so excited I found my winning story!  I thought it had been thrown away over the years, lost forever.  I also found a SuperMag that my neighbor (about 5 years older than me) had given me.  I thought I'd gotten rid of all of them.  Wyatt found one at a thrift store and was so excited to ad this one to his collection. I found my Helen Keller book that I had just about convinced myself was not mine, but a library book, because I couldn't find it here or at my mom & dad's house (or that it was just lost forever, too... I should've known they were together!).  I found all those fun books we pulled out and stapled together in elementary school.  I can't wait for the kids to read them.  I found a stack of Wee Wisdom Children's magazines that I didn't even remember keeping and a couple other books that I don't remember reading.  Books are definitely treasure to me.  My Bible is the best treasure, but these other books are pretty special, like finding old friends.

Well, I'm off to read my kids The Not So Wonderful Step Sister by Me in the 5th grade!

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