Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you God, for pictures!

I'm so thankful!  When I'd all but given up on recovering my lost pictures, my dear hubby tried the memory stick in the computer again and got it to work long enough to transfer the pictures to the desktop.  While he left it transferring, the memory stick died again!  But not before he got all my missing pictures back for me.  I knew I was waiting too long to try to get something done, but I hadn't given up hope.  I didn't want to send the disk away somewhere and the only "local" place was an hour away... in not the neighborhood you want to go to by yourself, or with children.  Anyway, I kept putting it off, and I'm glad I did.  :)  Thank you, God, for letting me have my pictures back.

Here are a couple of birthday pictures that I was really sad to be missing:
Poor Ellie, I couldn't find the birthday candles (they were in the trunk of my car from when I'd celebrated birthdays in the park with my friends in September... I found them when I cleaned out the trunk) and we didn't have a 9, so Ellie held the 6 upside down before we lit it.  Oh, that is a sad moment in motherhood.

Wyatt birthday cupcake tower/cake in New Mexico, at his cousins house, because his birthday is the same week as Thanksgiving.  He hated that haircut.  The hair dresser messed up and cut it shorted then the guys asked for.

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