Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AWANA Year End Review

Yes, I am totally playing catch up on my blog posts.  I have a few hidden away even, that can wait.  The fact that we have officially started our new school year, although the rest of the kids activities... like Co-op and AWANA won't start till September... so I'm hurriedly trying to catch up!

The last theme day the kids participated in was Hippie Night.  Those of my readers who know me from my own youth, know this is near and dear to my heart... bell bottoms, long  hair, tiny braids, headbands, peace signs, etc.  So, I had a lot of fun helping the kids dress up for this (though 50's night was pretty "me", too... aka Elvisgirl, you know... and I love the tv shows set in the 50's, and the other musicians from that time period.).  Okay, so hear are some pictures:

My Hippie Children.
Wyatt wore his cowboy boots, instead of his tennis shoes, to the club meeting.
We thought the boots made the look more authentic with his flare leg jeans
(couldn't find any actual bell bottoms in his size).
Ellie wore her "go-go" boots and peasant skirt, and formerly my peace sign chain belt
(it's silver, if you look close).

Ellie with the mood ring that used to be mine.

Wyatt wearing his Daddy's mullet wig from when he played on That 70's Team for basketball.
I was going to let Wyatt wear the necklace that my Dad made in high school, but I couldn't find it,
so he got to wear the hemp necklace that I made in college.

Make Peace, not war.  Wyatt and I tie dyed his shirt.
Ellie and Wyatt both finished their books this year.  Wyatt has completed Sparkys, and next year will move up to Truth and Training like his big sis.  Ellie will be moving from the Ultimate Adventure to the Ultimate Challenge.  These are some pictures after the end of year Awards Ceremony:

I just noticed Wyatt standing on tip-toe, trying to be as tall as his big sis.

The kids had been outside playing, which is why Wyatt's cheeks are red and Ellie looks mad
(she was mad... at some mean kids, not her parents).

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