Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deanna Rose Farmstead

 We had a special treat last month.  My best friend from Jr. High and High School, who now lives states away, was in town for a couple days on the way to her sister's wedding.  I know we both had other friends we called best friends along with each other and along the way.  She is the only one of those girls that I still talk to and hang out with.  The rest have become Christmas card and Facebook friends.We just happened to have the day free and they were planning to visit Deanna Rose Farmstead.  My friend, Sara's, sweet mother shared the day with her daughter and grandkids with us.
This was Sara's pic of all the kids when we first got into the farm.
Sara's son, Cael, wanted to push the stroller, but without him in it, the stroller wanted to tip backwards.
Ellie was happy to help him keep the stroller upright.
This is one of the smaller of the huge wind chimes the kids got to make music in the woods with.
This is one of the kids pulling on the wind chimes strings.
This is a little more animated of Sara's little guy working the chimes.
I could not believe there was a bench with Ellie's name on it!  Spelled the same even!
An attempt to get a picture of the four together like stair steps.
I just thought this carving was neat.
I sometimes call my hubby a turkey (affectionately), so I couldn't resist this pic.
Thanks, Sara, for the ice cream pic.
I can't believe I didn't take one myself.
Ice cream and our family go hand in hand.

There was a little black goat Wyatt started to feed, but this spotted one head butted the black one away.
Wyatt was pretty upset with this goat, but couldn't get the bottle away; he tried to smile for me.

My kids could not wait to get to the baby goats so that they could bottle feed them.

Wyatt found his little black goat.
He even memorized the goat's number... number 28.

The goats were actually more excited than the kids.
Someone needs to teach them patience!

We all bought another round of bottles, but Sara's kids had had enough of the aggressive goats.
They gave the rest of their bottles to Ellie and Wyatt, so they got to feed two fisted.

Two happy goats, and more hoping for a taste.

This was grinding corn into flour in the Indian Hogan.

Payton, with the cook pot in the middle of the hogan.

Inside one of three tepees.

Wyatt and Ellie fought over pushing Sara's son in his stroller!
Wyatt was so fast, but I promise Cael was smiling really big while Wyatt raced around the path.

Me and my kids in front of the one room school house.

Wyatt and Ellie in front of a tepee.
I love this picture Sara took of Wyatt and I.
Thank you, Sara!
Inside the one room school house.
I love Ellie doing her "thinker" pose, while Payton looks on at her.

This is one of Sara's pics of the kids inside the schoolhouse.

Sara's Mom took this group photo for us.
I said no one should see it, but Sara thought it was cute,
and I think it's funny... so it made both of our blogs.

Here's the other pic that Sara's Mom took for us.
We really were mostly out of the sun,
but the girls look like they're grimacing...
I think they are just doing their
"I have to smile, AGAIN" face.
What I loved was that afterward, Payton was talking about how Ellie and Wyatt were her new friends!  I also love that although we hadn't seen each other in person for almost three years, it didn't feel that never does.  That's one of the great things about good friends.  I'm sure that blogging helps... that last time we saw each other was when Sara convinced me that I was capable of such a feet. ;)

Wow, after seeing our pictures side by side, I think my camera is due for an upgrade.

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