Monday, July 18, 2011

Civil War Kids Days 2011

This year's Civil War Kids Days was even better than last year.  I expect next year will be better still.  The first night was such a treat for me.  Ellie has become an expert tour guide of the cabin.

There was a couple driving by the cabin and we were ready for spectators, but also still kind of getting ready for the big day on Saturday.  The husband hoped out and asked if the cabin was open.  The cabin we use in rarely open to the public.  It is an original that survived Order No. 11 from the U.S. Civil War.  I answered that the cabin was open to the public right now.  He and his wife stopped and got out.  Ellie proceeded to give them the tour, with Wyatt adding his two cents.  The wife asked if they were homeschooled... I answered, "Yes."  She replied, "Oh, I can tell.  They are good speakers and they are not afraid to talk to adults."  They spent quite awhile with us that evening.  They were such a blessing.  The couple were homeschool veterans themselves, their children graduated and in college, and even graduated from college.  The wife told Wyatt he would be a great leader some day, she could tell by the way he spoke (I would say the way he preaches.).  She said she could tell they were Christians (and that is such a lovely thing for someone to observe, rather than for a body to tell another person).  She also thought I looked too young to be their mother, and exclaimed that I did not look my age when I told her I was 33.  Sometimes, I think God sends people just to give you a little boost  and let you know that really you are "doing a good job, keep it up."  Parenting, and homeschooling are both arduous tasks, and sometimes you can't see the light.  When some else shares their journey, how well the end result turned out, and tells you what a wonderful job you are doing... ah, words can be such soothing balm to the soul.

Wyatt hanging out on the porch between skits.

Ellie and her new friend, who just joined the club.

The Civil War Kids Club with their two parent volunteers and  the Elliott Sprouts.

My Pioneer Family

Cameo pin courtesy of my Grandma.
Thomas loves when I look old, because I sometimes get mistaken for his daughter. ;)

My hairdo, that many complimented, born of frustration in getting my hair in a bun.

Ellie and I after the first Civil War Kids Days Church Service.
The rest of the weekend had challenging moments, but overall the weekend went great.  No one got shot... so that is always a plus.  We took a big group to the local Christian Book Store, also Ice Cream Shop, to get ice cream.  Thomas decided he will be our pastor next year.  So, that is really exciting; he's never participated in the reenacting with us before.  Now I've got to get him a Civil War outfit.  This was the first year that the group has had a church service.  That got mostly left up to me, the Saturday before church on Sunday!  The service turned out alright, I tried to do it like a meeting would have been held in the days of pioneers and traveling preachers.  I had far too much to do in leading the meeting than I would have liked, but next year will be another story.