Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dinosaurs at the Homeschool Conference

The homeschool conference this year was so much fun.  The first day was my first day all by myself.  In the past, I have gone with friends... and had a great time.  I enjoyed meeting up with friends this year and having some solitary time, too.  I enjoyed new-to-me speakers and authors, like Carol Barnier ... I wasn't planning on buying any speakers books, but I couldn't pass up The Big What Now Book Of Learning Styles (there is a great interview with her HERE).  I also enjoyed "old" favorites, like Nancy Bjorkman (this is the store her family helps run and her Math Galore packet, which I highly recommend).  These ladies both make me laugh, smile, and helped me fuel up for the rest of the year and the coming school year!

The really cool part about this year was this is the first year my family came with me to the conference.  Friday I was "alone day" and Saturday was "family day"!  There was a Dinosaur exhibit, the Creation Truth Foundation Mobile Field Collection of Fossils, so I couldn't let the kids miss out on seeing that.  Hubby went to one of the workshops featuring Dr. G. Thomas Sharp of the Creation Truth Foundation, and really enjoyed himself.  He wants to go next year as a couples weekend (he has knows a homeschool dad at his work that does that... actually we saw them on Saturday).

Anyway, here are some pictures of us with the fossils:

Ellie with Tyrannosaurus Rex head.

Wyatt with T-Rex head.

El and Wy with an Albertasuraus Libratus.

None of us here, but this was the fossil we were most fascinated with. 
This is an Icthyosaurus that was fossilized while giving birth!

Me and Ellie with Triceratops... thanks to Hubby, I was in front of the camera!

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