Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Few Things from May at our House

Our cat, Butter, decided to make a bed out of my paper shredding.

Ellie's turtle, Jamie, from the last class at Co-op.
We eventually set him free.  

My Mother's Day Flowers... all FREE!
The white ones were from Ellie's Sonshine Girls Tea Party.
The yellow one was from a charity banquet we attended.
The pink one was from Price Chopper, when I happened to pick up groceries on Mother's Day.
And the little plant, with buds that you can't really see, is from my Grandma.

This is Ellie's Creation Science notebook from Co-op.
She wanted a picture of all the decorations she put on there.

This is one of Wyatt's famous block towers.

This is my "Mother's Day" picture (I take one every year),
taken after the charity banquet where I got the white flowers.

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